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Main trends and challenges

1. GRI and SDGs are more widely used, SDG adoption is catching on

More companies refer to the SDGs than last year, 70% vs. 56%. At the same time, adoption of the GRI reporting framework has increased as well, 59% vs. 49%. The trend towards wider acceptance of SDGs is ongoing.

2. Communicating sustainability performance needs more attention

Only 40% of organisations provide a brief summary of their sustainability achievements at the beginning of their reports.

3. Communication of performance data has increased but can still be improved

Compared to last year, more companies are reporting raw performance data (up to 61% vs 54%).

GHG emissions, renewable energy and supplier audits, average

Level of communication on absolute data – over all companies

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Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

4. Reporting of non-financial targets low overall

On average, only 43% of all companies communicate multiple, measurable non-financial targets.

5. Materiality communication can be expanded

54% of all companies rank and communicate materiality areas.